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Justin Hayes AKA Stanley Claret surely must have been the troublemaker within the Hayes clan as a kid. Whilst most Sydneysiders have warmed to Bernie's solo material and Stevie Plunder's early (and tragically premature) days in the Whitlams, Justin's old school rock outfit Whopping Big Naughty seem in contrast as the abrasive and blatantly obnoxious antithesis of this pop sensibility. Not that this is a bad thing. Bender produces a fairly consistent level of 70's inspired rock, so fans of The Saints and 70's punk bands will have nothing to fear. The resulting sound as a whole? A pretty shambolic and lo-fi in-your-face rock kinda feel. Surely this is seen through tracks like 'Brainchild' and less than subtle 'Twist My Nipples'. Surely this track is just damn fun, if somewhat inappropriate for the kids, with it's catch cry of "twist my nipples and piss in my face". 'Enough about You' give perhaps a more ballad edge to the band but all in all, the rough around the edges feel is pretty consistent throughout the CD. Whopping Big Naughty should be given fair credit for pretty much wanting to belt out what they see fit. In times of postured pop bands more caught in image more than music, at least Claret and co have opted to do things their way, and bugger if anyone is going to stop them. If you have heard the band's previous material and are into similar bands, Bender is for you. But if perhaps you like your CDs medium rare as apposed to blood-red raw, maybe give this one a miss. - Jasper Lee, Oz Music Project 8/01

1. Transparent Lump
2. Diana
3. Brainchild
4. Enough About You
5. Blanket
6. Endtrail
7. Twist My Nipples
8. Ya Can't Blame Me For Anything
9. It's Funny Anymore
10. Emotional Blackmale


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