Saltwater Country
by Pigram Brothers

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From the ashes of Broome's Scrap Metal come the Pigram Brothers (stars of a couple documentaries shown on the ABC and SBS in 2001) with their debut album from 1997. While listening to their incredibly catchy and singalong country/pop songs you'll start thinking you're actually up in Broome fishing and kickin' back in the afternoon sun. If you are a fan of Bernie Hayes' Every Tuesday, Sometimes Sunday chances are you'll love this as well.

In 1997 the founding members of the Aboriginal rock band Scrap Metal Alan, Stephen, and Philip Pigram teamed up with their brothers David and Gavin and fellow Broome Western Australia local Paul Mamid. They began recording a vast array of country tunes that culminated in the release of Saltwater Country. Musically the album bears a strong resemblance to the US West Coast country-rock that was popularized in the early '70s. The songs are about life in the coastal town of Broome and the Outback. The song 'Going Back Home' is a standard country song about living in the big city and wanting to go back to the country. 'Roadtrain' is about the massive trucks that supply the outback towns and the vastness of the areas they drive through. While this album is one of the finest examples of Australian country, the universal nature of the lyrics make it ideal for audiences everywhere.

Visit the Pigram Brothers site more info on the Pigram Brothers.

1. Barefoot Kid
2. Saltwater Country
3. Going Back Home
4. Ol' Man From The Bush
5. Roadtrain
6. Simple Song
7. Kids Of Yesterday
8. Maysong
9. Raindancing
10. Bullfrog Hole
11. Poinciana Sword Fight
12. Liar Cry
13. Roll On Home
14. Nowhere Else But Here
15. Dear Alistair


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