Shake Yer Boomerang: A Popboomerang Records compilation
by Various Artists

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New Melbourne based label Popboomerang Records are proud to announce the release of their compilation album called Shake Yer Popboomerang. The 23 track cd features unreleased and rare tunes from Australian pop rockers such as Dom Mariani (Stems, DM3), Charles Jenkins (Icecream Hands), Smallgoods, Danny McDonald (P76), Starky, Superscope, Groundswell, Tim Reid, Treetops, Sarah Sarah and more!

Any one of these songs could be your next favourite. Each tune teases your reminiscence nerve. You won't get that same butterflittery feeling in your tum-tum 'til you next hit the swings. Take the seemingly sweet innocence of the sixties, throw in a touch of the eighties, then shake it up some, throw it 40 degrees from the wind, let it spin into heaven and then fall onto your toe tapping shoe. These brand spanking new Aussie creations have been conveniently packaged up for us to love and cherish. "I've fallen in love- I think I've had too much wine," notes Run On One in 'Karenin's Smile'. Too true. Even without love drugs, you'll be declaring your affections for this little gem filled to the brim with catchy luckless romance. She's a pearler. Just a few of the highlights include the addictive Magneto, the adorable Treetops, and the wonderful Starky bursting with Fountains Of Wayne cuteness. From the moody tear-jerking lull of Smallgoods 'Listen To The Radio' to the skipping and hurdling 'Peeling From The Ceiling' by The Genes, there is a multitude melodies to make you grin goofily. "Be my friend I will listen I will listen to the end" promise The Dreamdayers with simple sincerity. I want to mention the infectious punching beats of 'Rodney Smart' by Never Loved Elvis, I want to commend the vocal abilities of Tim Reid, I want to praise every artist several times over. This is a quality compilation with gold galore. It's Pop, its tops, your neighbours will call the cops 'cause you'll be playing it lots. - Emily K Perkin, Beat Magazine Melbourne May 2003

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1. The Stoneage Hearts - Shake Yer Popboomerang
2. Magneto - Living On The Moon
3. Her Majesty's Finest - Peggy Wednesday
4. Sarah Sarah - Ignorance & Arrogance
5. Treetops - Confused
6. Starky - Yesterday I Drove Your Girlfriend Home
7. The Smallgoods- Listen To The Radio
8. The Dreamdayers - I Will Listen 
9. The Decembers - Saving Everything
10. Never Loved Elvis - Rodney Smart
11. Dom Mariani - Brothers and Sisters
12. Run On One - Karenin's Smile
13. The Elements - Ordinary Day
14. Tim Reid - Dancing Girl
15. Groundswell - To Be Young
16. Charles Jenkins - The Black Madonna
17. Showbag! - Goodbye Friend
18. Superscope - Untitled Demo #1
19. Joe Algeri & Danny McDonald - Til The End
20. Marcus Goodwin - One To Right
21. The Genes - Peeling >From The Ceiling 
22. Andy Star - Lucky Strike (radio edit)
23. Danny McDonald - In The Comfort Of A Summer's Night (acoustic)


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