Shake Yer Boomerang 2
by Various Artists

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from the press release:
Here we are again! The second volume in our series of Australian guitar pop compilations. It's an exciting time right now for Aussie guitar pop/rock. Bands such as The Vines, Jet and The Sleepy Jackson have all recently made a huge impact on the National and overseas pop charts and media. With the exception of Her Majesty's Finest who contribute the title track this time around, Shake Yer Popboomerang 2 showcases a whole new batch of Aussie talent. There are also a number of musicians from Shake 1 who reappear with new outfits. (See if you can pick them). As has become the tradition of these compilations, the bulk of the material here is rare and exclusive. Again, we have a great mix of more established acts such as Sneeze, Even and Peabody and the nation's next wave (Dollar Bar, Tamas Wells, Shifter, Ruteger). The most exciting aspect of Shake 2 is that this album features some of the hottest emerging talent in Australia right now. As we go to pressing, Shake 2 represents the first commercially available recordings for The Suits, Hovercrafts, Tranquilizers, Prettymess, Mome Raths, Go Betsy and Milli Davis.

There are a really wide variety of pop/rock styles found on this album. Highlights include the bouncy sweet hooks of Remake Remodel, the punchy power pop of bands such as The Suits, Prettymess, Peabody and Even, the sprawling country twang of Mid-State Orange, the melodic keyboard driven pop of the The Tranquilizers, the four part harmonies of Shifter, the gentle addictive pop lullabies of Tamas Wells and the lush jangle pop of The Sound Platform. The latter band drafting in Sasha Bell from The Essex Green to provide lead vocals. We have seen the exciting progress made by several bands that featured on Shake Yer Popboomerang Volume 1. 2003 saw Treetops, Starky, Showbag, and Smallgoods sign record deals, receive strong national radio airplay and snare important International tour support slots. Given these successes, it will be intriguing to watch the development of the newer bands from Shake Yer Popboomerang Volume 2.

HACwatch: Includes unreleased Sneeze song 'Going For The Drive' (featuring Lara 'Stix' Larson on the drums). Out Now On Popboomerang Records: "Shake Yer Popboomerang Volume 2"

Come celebrate the launch of Shake Yer Popboomerang 2
Melbourne Sun June 13 Rob Roy Hotel Cnr. Gertrude & Brunswick St's, Fitzroy
The Suits, Sneeze, Paul Andrews (Lazy Susan), Remake Remodel, Tamas Wells, Her Majesty's Finest, The Sound Platform (7:30pm start)
Sydney Sat June 19 Hopetoun Hotel 416 Bourke St, Surry Hills
Sneeze, Lazy Susan, The Suits, Shifter, Tamas Wells (8pm start)
Brisbane Sat July 3 The Troubadour - Valley Mall, Brunswick St (across from Rics)
Shifter, The Zebras, Tamas Wells, Go Betsy (7:30pm start) Here is the early press reaction to Shake Yer Popboomerang 2:

"23 tracks by 23 artists affiliated with the Australian Pop Boomerang label. Just like Volume 1, this compilation is a joy to listen to from start to finish. Long may you run, good mates at Popboomerang!"- Eric Sorensen (USA)

"Another great Popboomerang album, perfect to enliven next scorching summer." - Gabriele Savioli (Where The Action Is - Italy)

"It's a non-stop rollercoaster of power pop riffs.... Any of them could be the next big thing" - MX Magazine Melbourne

"As we head into winter, pop this into your CD player to at least warm your heart" - Time Off Magazine Brisbane

1. Her Majesty's Finest: Shake Yer Popboomerang
2. The Suits: Girl
3. The Tranquilizers Stop,Go
4. The Sound Platform: Summer Something
5. Dappled Cities Fly: Be Engine
6. Prettymess: Everything Has Gone
7. Tamas Wells: Wed Play You At Checkers
8. Even: 74 Crown
9. Sneeze: Going For The Drive
10. The Mome Raths: You Trip Me
11. Lazy Susan: I Will
12. Peabody:You Are Her Only Friend
13. Milli Davis: The Loser
14. Dollar Bar: Pet Indifference (live)
15. Jeff Samin: Stay Alive
16. The Zebras: Cunningham
17. The Hovercrafts: For The Love & The Sound
18. Shifter: No One
19. Go Betsy: Boy From Canada
20. Ruteger: Just For You (alternative version)
21. Hoolahan: Grasshopper Island
22. Mid-State Orange: Ex Boyfriend
23. Remake Remodel: Jellybean Remodel (Ransom Remix)


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