Party Of One
by Nick Lowe

PRICE AU$ 25.00


Here at Half A Cow we mainly self Australian independent releases...but we can't help ourselves sometimes and like to stock other damn fine releases we come across!

Like this Nick Lowe one from 1995.

Produced by Dave Edmunds. It's bit pop, a bit country and a bit most recent Nick Lowe albums.

1. You Got the Look I Like
2. (I Want to Build A) Jumbo Ark
3. Gai-Gin Man
4. Who Was That Man?
5. What's Shakin' on the Hill
6. Shting-Shtang
7. All Men Are Liars
8. Rocky Road
9. Refrigerator White
10. I Don't Know Why You Keep Me On
11. Honey Gun [Extended Play]
12. You Stabbed Me in the Front
13. Rocket Coast


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