Mailorder info

Half A Cow's mailorder service goes through our Half A Cow secure shopping page and it it very user-friendly.

Here is some other informationyou may need to know:

All prices shown are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS.

We mail out your order within three days via Australia Post who take approx. 1 day-3 days to deliver in Australia and 5 days-10 days for the rest of the world.

As of November, 2014 Half A Cow won't be using credit cards anymore. Too many fees! We accept PayPal and bank deposits.

If you want to order direct from Half A Cow you can email or call and pay by the following:
1. PayPal Account You can send money using a credit card or funds already in your PayPal Account. Please wait for a reply email from Half A Cow before making any PayPal payments as sometimes the post charge hasn't been included. This email will have the final amount to pay (in case any items are suddenly out of stock, although we try to keep in stock what is listed on site).
2. DIRECT DEBIT click on 'bank deposit - email us' and we'll email YOU the bank details! Easy peasy.

Find out what the Australian (AUD) amount is for your currency. Here is a The Universal Currency Converter


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