Andie Lou

Andie Lou first came to the attention of Half A Cow around 2001 when we received a cassette by the mysteriously named Verde. It was full of fantastic lo-fi acoustic pop. Years later, the label tracked down the maker of the music, Andie Lou, who had just released Sunset Deer. Half A Cow was quick to release the EP in Australia bit still dreams of the day when the Verde cassette will make its reappearance.

“It’s all atmosphere, it’s what you do with it while you’re here…” sings Andie Lou on  Sunset Deer. The line could double as a description of her soft, beguiling style. Her songs, casual in composition, deep in mood, are elusive yet alluring. Like old snapshots with cryptic pencilled notes on the back, they invite you into their world and stir the imagination. The longer you spend with them, the more they reveal.

“I really just wanted the record to be very intuitive and laid back,” Andie says. “Not much of a plan. Which is how I approach creative projects, in general. The whole thing is very mysterious and I’ve wanted to keep it that way by not thinking about it too much. Just be in a moment and follow wherever it leads.”

The California-born, Nashville-based songstress comes from a music-loving family. Her mom was a piano teacher, her dad played cello, and she and her siblings loved to harmonize. Andie got her first guitar at 15, learned some chords at summer camp and has been writing ever since. After leading the indie pop band Verde in the early 2000s, she’s pursued solo ventures in poetry and songwriting. The songs on Sunset Deer arrived alongside an even more momentous arrival.


“I was writing the songs before and right after my daughter was born,” she says. “I’d always been afraid that if I became a mother I wouldn’t have much time for creative endeavors, and it has turned out to be the opposite. I have felt so inspired. You have less time, so you feel more of a sense of urgency and you manage your time better.”

Andie shared her basic demos with producer Joe Pisapia (Ben Folds Five, k.d. lang). “They were really lo-fi, really quiet,” she says. “Joe loved that vibe of me playing guitar in my bedroom. He wanted to honor that. I don’t have a big, trained voice. The songs are very simple. We both wanted to keep that spirit.

“Also, Joe and I had this really instant creative, neurotic connection,” she adds with a smile. “And that made the time in the studio really easy and fun.”

From the ethereal country vibe of “Time Darlin” and “Motel” to the breezy bounce of “Sunrise,” the sound of Sunset Deer is delicate and soulful, shot through with Pisapia’s haunting steel guitar textures and the sweet melancholia of Andie Lou’s vocals.

Andie sees the record as one more signpost on a long creative path. “Lots of new songs and other creative projects in the works. I was once fairly private about this side of me but something has shifted. I’m eager to put things out in the world, let them go, and move on to the next.”

Head over to Andie Lou’s website to check out her follow-up EP Sunmoonbeam.

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Andie Lou
Sunset Deer


Sunset Deer  (hac169)
released November 2015

1. Time Darlin
2. Atmosphere
3. Motel
4. Somewhere
5. Sunrise
6. Things or two