Brenton Manser & the Disciples of Zen

Led by Swayback frontman Brenton Manser, this five-piece Adelaide band incorporate bluesy rock, rootsy folk, 60s psychedelia on their debut album. With two percussionists and the violin of award-winning virtuoso Emma Luker, the unusual yet refreshing line-up maintains a raw, earthy base topped with Brenton’s trademark slide guitar.


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Strange Notions


Strange Notions (hac142)

Released December 2009

1.Circus Street
2. Goin’ To Sea
3. Dirty Window
4. Wounded Dog
5. Murderer of Love
6. Sovereign Blues
7. Empire
8. Against the Wall
9. Strange Notions
10. Two Time Runner
11. Redemption
12. Rebel Outlook

  • Bass, Vocals – Nick Burt
  • Drums, Harmonica, Vocals – Sujai Thomman
  • Drums, Percussion – Aaron Farrant
  • Guitar, Vocals, Percussion – Brenton Manser
  • Percussion – Matt Davis
  • Recorded By – Dave Lokan
  • Violin, Melodica, Vocals – Emma Luker