Sneeze live at Egg Records, Newtown. Pic by Anthony Morgan.


The Electrical Banana Album

Nic Dalton spent all of May and June of 2015 recording a psychedelic pop album under the name of Chewee. Most songs were recorded on the spot – words and music – and the domineering wah-wah solos throughout are all first takes.

Disillusioned with modern recording technology, he went back to where it all started – the Tascam 4-track recorder, which Nic has used extensively over the years on projects ranging from Love Positions and Godstar, to Sneeze and Gloomchasers. He went a little bit modern using a Tascam studio CD recorder to build up backing tracks, creating a full band sound. These were then played through a late 40s mono speaker box and recorded back into the 4-track machine to layer further instruments and vocals on top with a Roland Space Echo the only effect used on the whole album.

Ten new songs and two from the late 90s with subject matters ranging from Chupa Chups, the cover of the Velvet’s Live 69 Album, sculptor Tom Bass, a dream about Smudge leaving Half A Cow and an answering machine message from Evan Dando.

Lucky Luke and Claudine Take Off!

Shelved instrumental album from 1996-1998. Released December 2017.

Review by Bernard Zuel, Sydney Morning Herald


Filmclip by Jarrad Kennedy

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Lucky Luke and Claudine Take Off!

The Electrical Banana Album


Lucky Luke and Claudine Take Off!  (hac198)
released December 2017


  1. Trip To Cape Quiet
  2. Lucky Luke And Claudine Take Off!
  3. Camping at Major’s Creek
  4. The Lucky Cocktail
  5. Braidwood Mistake
  6. Holiday in Dalmeny
  7. The Boat Ramp
  8. Boyfriend’s Harmonica
  9. The Night To Go
  10. Unlucky Claudine
  11. Girlfriend’s Harmonium
  12. Lucky Luke’s Theme

All songs written and recorded by Nic Dalton at the Nook (Annandale NSW) and mixed at a handful of Sydney studios 1996-1998. Mastered by Tim Kevin at Tempe River Studio, 2017. All songs PolyGram Music Publishing. Cover stars Luke and Claudine, Narooma 1991. Thanks to Tandarra for help with the cover art. Special thanks to Lara for the use of her grandmother’s piano and for buying me the Korg Monopoly from Gladesville Vinnies for ninety bucks. Onya Stix!

“Trip To Cape Quiet” previously appeared on Music For Film and TV II (PolyGram 1997), “The Lucky Cocktail” previously appeared on Music For Film and Television #3 (PolyGram 1997), “Lucky Luke’s Theme” previously appeared on Heard It Through The Bovine (Half A Cow 1996)

The Electrical Banana Album  (hac164)

All songs written and recorded by Nic Dalton at The Nook, Summer Hill May-June 2015 except I Believe You Liar 1998 and In The Morning 1996. Flute by Clementine. Extra vocals by Tandarra, Tom and Evan. Mixed by Nic and Tim Kevin at Tempe River Studio, Marrickville July 2015. Mastered by Ben Whitten. Thanks to Mark Sequeira at Matrix Vinyl. Cover by Nic, Tandarra and Austin (back cover picture). Dedicated to Mr. Cool, Peter Fonda.

Cinnamon You Are Booby
I Believe You Liar
To Forget You
Live ‘69 Girlfriend
Juliett Street
Chamomile Mix
Avoiding Dream Court
(Don’t Knock) Tom Bass
I Am My Fellow Man
Banana Lounge
Sandringham Girls
In The Morning

Lion Lane

on 2 Minute Noodle 7 inch compilation (Blind Records)

Recorded on Tascam 244 1995-1996 Wells Street, Annandale