The Daisygrinders

The Daisygrinders formed in Bathurst, NSW, in 1991. The band’s line-up was Adam Young (guitar/vocals), Andrew Hunter (bass/vocals), Andrew Beaman (drums) and Rohan Bridge (lead guitar).

The four band members attended Charles Sturt University in the early 1990s where they gravitated to the student indie rock radio station, Studio 4. The band formed when Young and Hunter of Flat Out Fucked joined Beaman and Bridge of The Rubber Bicycles. They performed once under the name The Griswolds before renaming themselves The Daisygrinders. The group played at local parties, university festivals and an Australian Music Day event at the Bathurst Tavern. The early set list included originals and covers such as “Touch Me I’m Sick” by Mudhoney.

With the assistance of Sean Rabin and Hugh Williams, who took up managerial duties, a demo was recorded and then distributed by Rabin through his Sydney music scene contacts. An offer was made by Nic Dalton of Half a Cow records to include a song, “Test Pattern Baby”, on the Slice 2 compilation. The Daisygrinders’ first Sydney show was on 15th February 1992 at the Hopetoun Hotel supporting Swirl.

The Daisygrinders signed to Half a Cow Records, and played at venues in Sydney and around Australia until 1996. During that time, they issued one LP, one mini-album, four EPs, four singles and appeared on numerous compilations records, including Swapping Spit which saw You Am I, Smudge, Headache and the Daisygrinders cover each other’s songs.

The Daisygrinders supported international acts such as Buffalo Tom, Pavement, Smashing Pumpkins and Teenage Fanclub. They also opened the Skate Stage at the Big Day Out 1993 and played the FBi Radio Benefit show on Nov 4th 1995 at the Hordern Pavilion.

Following their break up, band members pursued careers based on their university degrees. Adam Young went on to play with Sydney contemporaries Big Heavy Stuff. He also achieved solo success with the release of his 2016 LP Elementary Carnival Blues.


Daisygrinders’ final Sydney gig, Annandale Hotel, Sydney, 1996.

Daisygrinders open the skate stage at the Big Day Out, Moore Park, 1993. This footage from Channel 10. Song: Test Pattern Baby.

Directed by John Curran. Starring the Daisygrinders: Andrew “Drew” Beaman, Adam Young, Rohan Bridge and Andrew Hunter. And introducing Crebe (?) as the convenience store guy. February 1995.

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Roamin’ Bruce

Cardriver Previval EP


Joe Velocity


Joe Velocity  (hac37)
released January 1995

1. Cardriver
2. Yo-Yo
3. Jonestown
4. The Power Of A 12
5. Everything’s Fun For You
6. The Green Run
7. Liberators Of The New (S)Cool
8. Wash Away
9. No Change Otto
10. Song For Naomi

Recorded and mixed by John Hresc at Sound Studios and Powerhouse Studios, June – August 1994. Produced by Simon Holmes. Mastered at 301. Pre-production by Matt Maddock and Greg Wales.

All songs by the Daisygrinders.

Simon Holmes sings on “Yo-Yo” and “Liberators of the new (s)cool”

In memory of Tim Durick.

Yo-Yo  (hac41)
released January 1995

1. Yo-Yo
2. Dodgy
3. Hey Sally
4. Girf

Yo-Yo from the Joe Velocity album. Dodgy recorded on 8 track by John Rafferty. Hey Sally and Girf from an early 1993 demo. Includes a secret track at the end!

All songs by the Daisygrinders.

Cardriver  (hac33b)
released 1995

1. Cardriver
2. Stormy
3. The Pam Bassey Carjackin’ Death

All these songs are available digitally on the Cardriver Previval EP

Previval EP  (hac33)
released 1994

1. Cardriver
2. Song For Naomi
3. Uranium Watch
4. Green Silver
5. Down By The River

All these songs are available digitally on the Cardriver Previval EP

Limited edition version of the ‘Cardriver’ cd single with different extra tracks. Track 1 & 2 from Joe Velocity (hac37). “Cardriver” taken from the Joe velocity album. All songs produced by Simon Holmes and recorded by John Hresc except “Green Silver” produced and recorded by Paul McKercher.

All songs by the Daisygrinders except “Down By The River” by Neil Young (Warner-Chappell)

Cover photo by Scott McGregor.

Roamin’ Bruce  (hac20)
released 1993

  1. Overspeed
  2. A Head
  3. Green Silver
  4. Elle Al

Roamin’ Bruce memories:

Who is Roamin’ Bruce?  A modded-up, moped-riding dilettante?  A feckless fashion-fixated nabob?  Is he all of us, or none of us? In fact, he’s a mix-up on wheels, a mistake made flesh, or at least CD-grade plastic.  Guitarist Rohan Bridge’s name isn’t that difficult, but music press writers seemed befuddled by it more often than not.  So Roman Bridge and Rohan Bruce merged into the righteous Roamin’ Bruce.  This was the band’s first time in a ‘big’ studio, Festival in Sydney, with sonic sorcery from producer Paul McKercher at the controls of a desk that, like perhaps millions of others around the world, was rumoured to have been used by the Beatles at Abbey Road.  As the session unfolded, Paul Keating claimed the ‘unwinnable’ 1993 Federal election for the True Believers. The EP can’t claim to have made true believers out of too many, but did draw comparisons from aforementioned befuddled music writers ranging from Metallica to The Jam.  Believe it or not.

10 inch / cd  (hac10)
released 1992

2. Merry-Go-Round
3. She’ll Take Flight
4. What’s Goin’ Down
5. Smokin’ Brick
6. Down On Your Shoe
7. Ride The Rides

plus Test Pattern Baby (from Slice 2) added to the digital version

Throwlily memories:

Exciting times. It was mid ’93 and our first real recording experience.  Using 50c pieces to get that “click” in the kick. Being asked to tune the kit… What? You can tune a kit? Receiving our first test pressing and subsequent purple vinyl. We all wanted to push boundaries, offend the majority, make some elegant noise. Unfortunately our pop sensibilities got in the way. Throwlily is a specialist move in the game Zoom Schwartz. That could be a good indicator of where our heads were when we put this record together.

Slice 2 – HAC Compilation 1992
Crack in the Sun or Fade in the Shade 1992
Swapping Spit 1994
Alternator 1995