Kid Cornered

Kid Cornered is the work of Matthew J Toohey. Having played in a number of different bands – El Mopa, The Woods Themselves, Browning, Via Tania – he has released six albums under the Kid Cornered/Ice Chest Orchestra moniker. Mining the territory of the sad melody and off-kilter guitar, Toohey’s songs are dreamy excursions into lost souls and lost love.


Kid Cornered’s fifth album, loopholes (originally titled, ‘I Shall Be Unreleased’) was initially going to be given out, in the way that cassette mix-tapes used to be passed on. But the Kid (The Woods Themselves, El Mopa, Via Tania) handed it to Tim Whitten, the maestro, who whittled it, pounded it like a hotel pillow and kicked out the hospital corners. Its intricately crafted loops are held together by warm, soulful melodies in a reverb glow – an indie rock treasure.


Animation by Eloise Short.

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Kid Cornered

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