MVSHROOM PEOPLE are too young to drive a car, too young to vote and too young to go on Year 8 Camp but not too young to play a set of original art-pop, what someone described as: “they sound like they are from New York City, where they’d be huge!”

MVSHROOM PEOPLE are Harper Smith, Henry Beeston, Frida Leigh-Young and Sadie Leigh-Young and they are from Sydney’s Inner West. “Pour the Tea” is from their self-titled nine-track album out now on Bandcamp and the streamers.


On a hot winter’s evening, one day at the north pole, four young mushrooms were born.

These mushrooms embarked on a treacherous journey through the harsh winds of the arctic, only to come upon a beached whale.

The four mushrooms helped the whale back into the water, and in return, she let them travel on her back.

The mushrooms and the whale traveled for many days, until they came upon somewhere called Lost Vegas.

These mushrooms were intrigued, so they decided to take a look around.

While they toured, they heard lots of music, and became interested.

So they hijacked one of the many band’s limos, and drove around playing music really loudly on the roof of the limo, when the manager for, “A Cool Clump Of Kids” noticed them playing.

He offered them a record deal, to which they cheered loudly “Yes!”.

Only they had one problem, the band didn’t have a name.

As everyone pondered for a while, the manager asked the mushrooms what exactly they were.

“Uh.. mushroom people I guess” said one.

“Brilliant!” shouted the manager, leaping to his feet.

“That’s the perfect name!”

So that’s how the Mvshroom People were created.


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