She Loves You Too

She Loves You Too (hac100)

1. A Girl Called Charlie: Run (sung by Rose Rhys)
2. Wanda & The Magicians: Hypnotized (sung by Sally Russell)
3. Starsign: I Want To Have An Affair (sung by Caroline Day)
4. Amy Livingstone: Living On The Air (sung by Lara Meyerratken)
5. Kelly Wilson: Love Went Away (sung by Juliana Hatfield)
6. Alex Raye: Please Don’t Keep Me Hanging On To You (sung by Colleen Cross)
7. The Haystax featuring Jeanette Clark: Hi (sung by Siobhan Little)
8. June Jones: Don’t Let The Sun Melt Into The Sea (sung by Nicky Smith)
9. Millie May & The Dizzy Goldtops: If He Hollers (sung by WenDy Russell)
10. Starsign: Honey (sung by Caroline Day)
11. Amy Livingstone: What Have I Got To Lose (sung by Lara Meyerratken)
12. Stellar: Starstruck (sung by Kirsty Stegwazi)

Produced by Nic Dalton 1994-1998

Engineered by Richard Mueke, Pete Jones, Bruce Waite, Russell Kilbey, Jason Blackwell, James “Vault” and Dan Griffin.

Mixed by Pete Jones at Charing Cross.

String and Brass arrangements John Encarnacao.

The Musicians: Shane Melder, Nick Craft, Martin Craft, David Orwell, Lara Meyerratken, Pip Branson, Guy Freer, Martin Taylor, Steven Robertson, Rose Rhys, John Encarnacao, Luisa Hyams, Matt Hoy, Nicole Forsyth, Tania Bowers, Robyn St. Clare, Liz Payne, Caroline Day, Tom Morgan, Simon Holmes, Bernie Hayes, Ben Lee, Jess Ciampa, Nicky Smith, Colleen Cross, Angus & Diane (sorry, don’t know your last names).

The Singers: Lara Meyerratken, Sally Seltmann, Wendy Russell, Kirsty Stegwazi, Siobhan Little, Juliana Hatfield, Caroline Day, Nicky Smith, Colleen Cross and Rose Rhys.

Record cover artwork by Lucy Lehmann.

Cover art and liner notes by Nic Dalton.

Mastered by William Bowden at Festival.

released November 14, 2006


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She Loves You Too

Track details

A Girl Called Charlie: Run

Taken from the classic album A Girl Called Charlie, a record full of heartbreaking and mainly autobiographical pop epics, this self-penned tune features Charlie (last name Bennett dropped early in her career to avoid comparisons to her sister Belinda) playing piano along with her long-standing backing band The Immediates. Surprisingly, “Run” was never released as a single at the time due to public fascination in 1974 for glam-rock which was ruling the airwaves all across Australia. Charlie disappeared from the public eye during the mid-Eighties although rumour has it she is now one of Australia’s foremost architects under her married name.

From “A Girl Called Charlie: Run” LP originally released by RCA Victor, Sydney, 1974.


The days aren’t the same

and the nights have no name

and the wind whispers this way

there’s nothing left to save

And I have held you in my arms

I will carve you in my skin

and forever I will run to your side

I will run to your side

And what made you go

don’t you know every time there’s hope

that tomorrow’s a better day

it doesn’t have to stay this way

And I have held you in my arms

I will carve you in my skin

and forever I will run to your side

I will run to your side

(written by Robyn St Clare)