The Dirty Hyenas

Sydney band The Dirty Hyenas have given the classic theme song to the 1960s TV show Kimba The White Lion a new arrangement. This came about when Dougie, the drummer, wanted the band to record a whole bunch of TV and movie themes. When “Kimba” was chosen, it was a unanimous decision that the tune was a bit naff and an overhaul was due.

Dougie started playing some sort of jungle drum beat and Jimmy the singer channelled the Andrew Sisters with a new melody to the lyrics. Full credit still goes to the songwriters Bernie Baum, Bill Giant and Florence Kaye, who wrote a lot of songs for those debatable 60s Elvis Presley movies. Their most well-known song is “(You’re The) Devil in Disguise”.

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Kimba The White Lion



Kimba The White Lion  (via595)
Released November 2020

Recorded by Nic Dalton at the Nook, August 2020
Mastered by Tim Kevin at Tempe River Studio October 2020

P & C 2020 The Dirty Hyenas