THe Vanndellas

Recorded at the Metro Theatre, Sydney 3rd August 1995 when the Vanndellas supported Dick Dale. Live mix by Tim Whitten. Desk mix to DAT. Mastered by Nic at the Nook 2019.

Nic Dalton: lead vocals, guitar Tania Bowers: bass, backing vocals Lara Meyerratken: drums, backing vocals

1          Angela

2          Going For The Drive

3          Death At The Empress

4          Sarah’s In Love

5          Pacman

6          Jonathan Never Took Me To The Dairy Joy

7          Run To Me

8          I’ll Give It Two Weeks

9          Everything You Said

All songs by N. Dalton except “Going For The Drive” (N. Dalton/T. Morgan), “Jonathan Never Took Me To The Dairy Joy” (N. Dalton/D. Ryan), “Run To Me” (B. R. & M. Gibb), “I’ll Give It Two Weeks” (N. Dalton/T. Bowers/L. Meyerratken), “Everything You Said” (R. St. Clare)

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Supporting Dick – live at the Metro 1995