Whopping Big Naughty

Formed in 1988 Whopping Big Naughty is an independent rock back with a virtually revolving list of members around guitarist/vocalist Stanley Claret (Justin Hayes).

Whopping Big Naughty (WBN) was originally formed in the late 80s by one Stanley Claret, originally from the depths of Narrabundah, Canberra, Australia. Since formation the band has recorded four full length albums, a self-titled EP, and two hard to find cassette recordings, Bed of Tits, and Bullet in the Headjob.


Bender (hac99) was released by Half A Cow in 2001

Bass – Michael Orahek/Drums, Vocals – Andrew Calvert/Violin – Catherine Brownhill/Vocals, Guitar – Stanley Claret

Producer – Nic Dalton. Recorded at Milk Bar Studio, Coogee

from the Bender press release:

Are they still goin’?

I’ll tell ya right now, the answer to that is YES.

And after listening to Bender, their third full length album, you’ll soon realise that ‘still goin’ is only half the story. Formed in Sydney about ten years ago they were lauded by friends and foe as a classic rock band and were immediately signed to no one. Undertaking prolonged couch tours while spending their dole money on recording and releasing their wild rock ‘n’ rong albums, launching them at friends’ places and loving themselves, they stayed in touch…with the devil.

Described by some as one of the few great, true rock & roll bands left rockin’ out in Australia, the Whoppers have produced a killer, 10 track, 32 minute blast of melodic, honest rock & roll. Stanley (aka Justin Hayes) is the youngest brother from the very musical Hayes family (Pat, Pete, Bernie and Stevie Plunder) and his recent collaborations include writing the track “Kibonki” on Bernie Hayes’ Every Tuesday, Sometimes Sunday and co-writing and singing the title track from Sneeze’s Lost The Spirit To Rock & Roll. Bender includes such future classics such as “Twist My Nipples”, “Enough About You” and “Ya Can’t Blame Me For Anything”.

“Justin Hayes AKA Stanley Claret surely must have been the troublemaker within the Hayes clan as a kid. Whilst most Sydneysiders have warmed to Bernie’s solo material and Stevie Plunder’s early (and tragically premature) days in the Whitlams, Justin’s old school rock outfit Whopping Big Naughty seem in contrast as the abrasive and blatantly obnoxious antithesis of this pop sensibility. Not that this is a bad thing. Bender produces a fairly consistent level of 70’s inspired rock, so fans of The Saints and 70’s punk bands will have nothing to fear. The resulting sound as a whole? A pretty shambolic and lo-fi in-your-face rock kinda feel. Surely this is seen through tracks like ‘Brainchild’ and less than subtle ‘Twist My Nipples’. Surely this track is just damn fun, if somewhat inappropriate for the kids, with its catch cry of “twist my nipples and piss in my face”. ‘Enough about You’ give perhaps a more ballad edge to the band but all in all, the rough around the edges feel is pretty consistent throughout the CD. Whopping Big Naughty should be given fair credit for pretty much wanting to belt out what they see fit. In times of postured pop bands more caught in image more than music, at least Claret and co have opted to do things their way, and bugger if anyone is going to stop them. If you have heard the band’s previous material and are into similar bands, Bender is for you. But if perhaps you like your CDs medium rare as apposed to blood-red raw, maybe give this one a miss.” – Jasper Lee, Oz Music Project  August 2001

“The evil genius is apparent in all the shambolic majesty of their obscene pop gems” – Drum Media, April 1999

“One of Australia’s best bands” – Richard Moffat, Form Guide, Nov 1997

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Bender (hac99)

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