Carabobina LP

Half A Cow has a handful of copies of the wonderful self-titled album from Carabobina. Get in quick! Available here

Also available at Egg Records (3 Wilson Street Newtown)

Carabobina is an electronic noise pop duo and the eponymous debut album by Venezuelan-born Alejandra Luciani and Brazilian native Raphael Vaz Costa. Alejandra is an established audio engineer in São Paulo; Raphael is from Ceres — a small town in the hinterland of Goiás — and since 2014 he’s seen a frantic pace of touring and recording with his band Boogarins. When the two met at a show in 2017, Alejandra mentioned that she was from the state of Carabobo. This intrigued Raphael. When translated, “cara bobo” means “silly man”. Often finding himself as the comic foil of Boogarins, Raphael confessed to having been called that on more than one occasion. “We could do something with that name”, he offered in a flirtatious tone. It didn’t take long for the chemistry of the first encounter to forge a romantic and musical partnership between the two.

The album was recorded at home, as their busy schedules allowed, over a two year period. The songs were essentially improvised; composed in the most spontaneous and inspired way possible, only taking shape during the production stage. with the focus of making electronic music within the framework of alternative rock, ultimately fitting into the broad spectrum of noise pop. With the repetitive movement of loops, beats, noises, and melodies, Carabobina presents an organic electronic mixture, as if the songs were played by a rock band filtered by some futuristic machine.

The nine brief songs, guided by drum machines and synthesisers, are an invitation to lose oneself in small, strange pop pieces that comfort the listener with their inventiveness