NEW SINGLE! Fishes Swim and Corals Grow / Moon Cries


“Fishes Swim and Corals Grow” is the second single from Warmer’s fourth album Wooden Box With Strings, released by Half A Cow in June. Romantic but idiosyncratic, it showcases the warm, string-laden singer-songwriter direction of the album. Though Warmer’s John Encarnacao (also of The Nature Strip) lives in Sydney, the album was recorded in Hobart at the invitation of producer Dave Carter. The song itself brings to mind simpler times, written as it was on a flight to Melbourne to attend his niece’s wedding.

The b-side is a radical instrumental (and acoustic) remix of album track “Cry For The Moon” that accentuates John’s dramatic string arrangement and the avant-piano of Lobsterman alumnus Michael “Ag” Christie.

Video by Oliver Abbott.