Bidston Moss

Half A Cow fell in love with this wonderful band from Melbourne sometime in 1997 when Bidston Moss sent them a demo of what became their self-titled EP. They were going to sign to Half A Cow but it never happened. Instead, they went on to release a handful of albums and EPs on their own label, Ramjet Records.

Half A Cow did help distribute these – and we still do!

Beth, the bass player, helped out with Sneeze when they toured Melbourne in the early 2000s and both Beth and guitarist Chris sang on Sneeze’s Lost The Spirit To Rock & Roll album. The other guitarist, Mung, has released some excellent music under the name Bilby.

Go to the Ramjet Records Bandcamp page for all things Bidston Moss and Bilby.

“The only real interest was from Half a Cow, who said that they really liked it and to stick with it… we did.” – Bidston Moss


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If You’re So Special, Then Why Aren’t You Dead?

Count Past Three


Bidston Moss
released 1997

The first Bidston Moss release was recorded with the excellent Brett King, who managed the unmanageable in the time we had to do it – um – 24 hours.

Yes, the entire EP was recorded and mixed in that time, and then hauled off to the mastering maestro, David Briggs, when money allowed. The only real interest was from Half a Cow, who said that they really liked it and to stick with it… we did.

This is also when the furious dog logo was born from the paintbrush of exclusive Bidston Moss artist – Neryl Walker. He’s cute and bitey – as we aspire to be ;o)

“Like the cartoon dog on the cover, the music is cute but not without a bite.” (Rolling Stone Magazine)

“.. impressed overall.” (Drum Media Magazine)

“.. a ripper.” (Inpress Magazine)

**CD copies of this EP have sold out

If You’re So Special, Then Why Aren’t You Dead?
released 1998

The ‘difficult’ second release wasn’t really difficult at all. Chunky Bits was the single and came out with a cool comic book style video clip.

Bother and I Used to Like You remain live favourites, and the whole thing was recorded in two night sessions at Bakehouse Studios in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Chunky Bits is an ode to vomiting, in the nicest possible way (‘I stuck my fingers….down a huge cavern, it caused a tidal wave, flowed with abandon….my life is full of Chunky Bits).

“Nice breezy pop with operational brain, and we like it.” (Drum Media Magazine)

“A mix of emotions and sweet sounds..” (Inpress Magazine)

“.. a must listen.” (hEARd Magazine)

Count Past Three
released 2000

Rule number one: even if you think it will be really cheap and cool to record an entire album track by track on to the computer in the next room (except for the drums, which you record at Happy Valley Studios) – under no circumstances attempt it.

Actually some of the songs on this album are all time favourite tracks, it’s just that the whole recording experience was such an elongated nightmare that it is hard to have a resonable perspective on it.

HoneyBee was the only single from this album. Hopefully if we’re rich enough one day, we’ll remix and re-master it, because in our opinion, the guy who mastered it will have a whinge if we hassle him, so we’ll stop here…

“Count Past Three is an indie pop treat.” (Inpress Magazine)

“Loveable sing-songy harmonies are featured on songs that combine all the best elements of The Breeders, Red 5 and Veruca Salt. Not surprisingly this band hasn’t run out of songs for this DIY five-star effort after two strong mini-lps.” (Shredding Paper Magazine – USA)

A Nice Lie Down
Released 2000

The second album that the band recorded exactly how they’d wanted to. Shacked up in an enormous old parquetry floored warehouse that backed on to the Yarra River with the master of the theremin, David Nelson.

The whole process was fairly painless compared to the ‘Count Past Three’ experience – the only factor that interfered was the weather, the noise of the rain on the roof and the heat on those 35 degree summer days.

There was even time to get a little bit multi-instrumentalist, with the inclusion of keyboards, xylophone, handclaps, Mark Adams on mandolin, and of course, the theremin….

Thirteen tracks were recorded, a couple written just prior to getting into the studio – Galore, Neon, Exit and Casino. Unfortunately, due to the democratic nature of the band, there was a big brawl about what to leave out – no one agreed, but in the end, Neon and Casino bit the dust, but will hopefully be revived as b-sides…

“A Nice Lie Down is definitely one of the local releases of the year.” (Inpress Magazine)

“A pick me up album for sure.” (ozmusicproject)