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For an industry that lacks corporate clout or the potential for economies of scale, the samizdat internationalism of indie-pop style is a marvel of efficient communications and stylistic cross-pollination. A pretty-noise Boston quartet that formed on a whim, Fuzzy — thanks to a Lemonhead rhythm section connection — had its practice tape released as a six-song EP in another hemisphere even before it got up the confidence to begin playing in the shadow of Fenway Park. (Half A Cow is the label run by Nic Dalton, the ex-Lemonheads bassist who leads Godstar, in which members of Fuzzy have played.) – Ira Robbins (Trouserpress)

Fuzzy walks a musical tightrope. Their sound balances on that thin line between soothing and sharp vocals, driving rock, and quirky pop. Frontwomen Chris Toppin and Hilken Mancini met in 1993, as co-workers at Newbury Street’s Tower Records. Soon, two other Boston recruits — drummer David Ryan (Lemonheads) and bassist Winston Braman (Come) — joined, and the four-piece issued the Half A Cow EP. Fuzzy, the eponymous debut on Seed Records, appeared in 1994 and spawned the “Flashlight” single and accompanying video. Less aggression and more mainstream styling led to Electric Juices two years later; the promotional tour brought Fuzzy alongside notable Boston acts such as Juliana Hatfield, Belly, and Buffalo Tom. Despite the promising circumstances, a series of misfortunes forced the band into a holding pattern. An internal overhaul at TAG/Atlantic left Fuzzy without a label as soon as the tour ended. Then Ryan left to attend school. Nate Darden, just one in a series of temporary drummers, agreed to take a permanent spot in 1997. Nearly three years of songwriting and multiple producers culminated in Hurray for Everything, released on the die-hard indie label Catapult in 1999. – Eric J. Iannelli

Here is an Interview with Fuzzy from 1996 in babysue.


Original ‘practise room’ recording of “Lemon Rind” (Half A Cow 1993)

Re-recording of “Lemon Rind” (7″ Seed Records 1995)

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Fuzzy EP


Fuzzy  (hac23)
released 1993

  1. Bill
  2. Four Wheel Friend
  3. Girlfriend
  4. Got It
  5. Lemon Rind
  6. Country Song

Produced by Fuzzy. All songs written by Fuzzy (control). Everything is Fuzzy.

Fuzzy is Chris Toppin: guitar and vocals, Hilken Mancini: guitar and vocals, Winston Braman: bass, David Ryan: drums.

Front cover: John Brattin