[bilby] emerged as a side project of Mung (Bidston Moss) – a half life experimentation between pop and a heartbeat. Cited as ‘…very dreamy’ by morganleahrecords.com, ‘length of a string’ made it plain that [bilby] was more than a side project – it was dreaming down it’s own brand of sleepy pop, while learning how to giggle at itself along the way.

“Bilby provide quite a few gems throughout the album. Well worth checking out.” (ozmusicproject)

“Absolutely one of the years (and decades) best. All I can say is wow. Hip-ometer rating 10+/10.” (indiespinzone – USA)

The second album from [bilby] is slightly more polished than the debut ‘length of a string’, yet retains its raw edges and broken beauty. Slightly dreamy, but not without some narky turns of phrase, ‘life in the slow’ lane meanders through Melbourne life (‘Collingwood’) to the faux country twang of ‘Clocks’ and the ragged politics of ‘Lament’.

“… a delectable album that would agree very well with those who appreciate a good dosage of country-tinged indie pop. Nice.” (ozmusicproject)

“… a record so minimal, so almost nothing it should be thrown away, yet it has such a presence and will grow and infect so fully if you allow it that it’s quite astonishing.” 10/10 (indiespinzone – USA)

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life in the slow lane

length of a string


life in the slow lane
released October 31, 2003

Mung, Beth, Chris, Idge

length of a string

released February 2, 2002

Mung, Chris, Beth, Jel, Idge