The Burton Cool Suit

While most of the band’s contemporaries were trying to out twee each other or taking desperate measures toward suspicious career motives, The Burton Cool Suit just made great songs, recorded straight onto magnetic tape via conventional and unconventional means.

They were formed out of the ashes of Perth indie legends Turnstyle and obscure Perth garage punk band The Frantics as a fun kitsch project but became a fully functioning band for several years.

The band released their first album (self-titled) in 2005. A mish-mash of garage rock, vintage electronics and whimsical sunny daydreams, the band built a steady following in Perth but also captured the ear of others as the support slots came in thick and fast. Gigs with The Buzzcocks, Stephen Malkmus, Idlewild, Presidents of the USA and Jens Lekman gives you an idea of how the band could bend their sound depending on the occasion.

Their second and final album You Can’t Fight City Hall was released in 2007 with the band commandeering a vintage tape machine and leaning towards indie rock and swaying gently away from overt 60s-isms. With two songs on Triple J rotation and one song nominated for a WA Song of the Year, it proved to be their masterwork and undoing as the band were unable to forge a new path and split early in 2008.

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The Burton Cool Suit


You Can’t Fight City Hall



The Burton Cool Suit  (via540)
originally released 2005

You Can’t Fight City Hall (via542)
originally released 2007