From 2006:

Bruce is the new project from trusted journeyman Cameron Bruce. With the phenomenal, yet fading success of Bon Jovi, Van Halen and Fleetwood Mac, the time is ripe for a new band-named-after-the-surname-of-one-of-the-members-of-the-band to take the mantle.

Cameron has spent the last few years surrounded by friends, loved-ones and clowns, touring the country and the world with David McCormack’s Polaroids, GUD, Pinky Beecroft’s White Russians, and the Beautiful Girls, and doing weird bits on TV including a 10 episode series called Under The Grandstand, which rated its arse off on SBS last year during the Ashes. Cameron has toured with loads of bands over time, from Jimmy Little to Sneeze, not to mention being asked by indie granddaddies The Violent Femmes to jump on stage and do a couple of songs. Cameron’s personal career highlight however was touring country NSW with Ronn Moss, that dude with the big jaw from that American soap.

Shane Melder is a veteran hitter for many bands, including Sidewinder, the Hummingbirds, The City Lights, David McCormack’s Polaroids, and Died Pretty to name but a few. Shane claims to have beaten Larry Mullin Jr in pool, but this has not been confirmed by the U2 camp.

Emma Hoy, hailing from our nation’s capital, played in post-rock band The Rebel Astronaut, and now has a bash with El Mopa, and the Pip Branson Corporation. She recently permed her hair, and looks remarkably like Cameron’s mum circa 1983.

Andy Meehan played guitar and sung alongside Simon Holmes in Fragile, touring with a varied array of bands from TISM to Peabody to Mental As Anything among many others.

With BRUCE, Cameron has gathered some of his dearest to record a few songs to produce the mini-album The Name Of The Band Is… Additionally, Magoo (Regurgitator, Midnight Oil, Decoder Ring) mixed a few of the tracks, and David McCormack and Jono Ma (The Valentinos) mastered it.

A lot of people say the mini-album is dead. A lot of people say Elvis is dead. This release debunks only one of those myths.


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The Name Of The Band Is…


The Name Of The Band Is… (hac121)

Released 2006

So Seriously
New Year
I Wish I Was You
Super Swinging 70s

Track 1 recorded at Biggish Pink, NSW. Mixed by Magoo at Blackbox, Brisbane. Track 2 recorded at Tradesman’s Entrance. Mixed by Magoo. Track 3 recorded  at Q studio by Brendan Gallagher with Annika Unsen, Felipe Valencia and Ben Lewis. Mixed by Magoo. Stella Mozgawa played drums. Kirsty Joosten sang. Track 4 recorded at Tradesman’s Entrance. Mixed by Johnny Green at Nylon. Emma Hoy sang. Johnny played guitar. Track 5 recorded at KC by Brendan Gallagher, Tradesman’s Entrance by Cameron Bruce and Nylon by Elliot Wheeler. Jo Accaria played drums. Michael Galeazzi played bass. Elliot Wheeler  played some keyboard. Track 6 recorded at Tradesman’s Entrance.

Vocals and other instruments for all songs played by Cameron Bruce.

Mastered by Jona Ma and David McCormack. Artwork by Prudence Upton.

All songs by Cameron Bruce.