Photo by Ayse Moonen

Tom Ryder

Tom Ryder was formed in 2019 by Emmely and Patrice. Starting out as an indie pop/rock duo they spent the first few months rediscovering, rewriting and reinventing the songs from their past. When they combined Emmely’s melodic singer/songwriter style with Patrice’s funk, and rock background they ended up creating a world of dreamy, ambient, fun and touching songs with catchy melodies, fun guitar riffs, weird tunings and a touch of electronic sounds that tie it all together.

In 2021 Tom Ryder grew to a quartet when Simon (bass) and Alex (drums) joined the band.

Sydney’s Half A Cow Records is proud to release the first single from Tom Ryder, a three minute gem titled “Sunsets”.


Playing at the Factory Theatre, Marrickville on Sunday 13th March (postponed from 13th Feb).

Launching “Sunsets” at the Petersham Bowling Club on Saturday 11th December. Tickets here.


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Sunsets (hac260)
released May 2021

Sunsets written by Emmely Goth / Patrice Moonen
Mixed and mastered by Van Leucia