spaceman photo by Myles Heskett

Conrad Greenleaf

Conrad Greenleaf is a Sydney born ‘n’ bred musician who plays in local bands stressless and Richard In Your Mind but also makes his own charming unconventional solo music. He has an increasingly confusing discography that includes a lo-fi guitar pop album, an album of ambient synth music, a rap song about smoking weed occasionally and now a brand-new EP of dance/electronica titled Radicus

The Radicus EP sees the ever-unpredictable Conrad Greenleaf return to his late 90s/early 2000s big beat and IDM roots with 6 tracks of fun, upbeat synth-heavy madness. The EP is mixed by long-time friend and collaborator Spod and features guest appearances from Seja and Owen Penglis.


elev8 music video directed/created by Michelle Brown/The Bad Lament

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Radicus EP


Smoke Weed Occasionally


When In Rome (feat. ROMI!)


Shimmering Twins

Modern Emotions




Radicus EP  (hac252)

Produced by Conrad Greenleaf

Written and recorded by Conrad Greenleaf

Mixing, mastering and occasional co-production by Spod

All instruments, programming and vocals by Conrad except:

Guest vocals on let’s get funky by Seja

Theremin on let’s get funky by Owen Penglis

Additional beats on elev8 and let’s get funky and end synth pads on clean phizz by Spod

Cover art by Russell Fitzgibbon

Smoke Weed Occasionally  (via591)
released September 2019

written and produced by Conrad
mixed and mastered by Nick Franklin at Rolodex
outtro guitar by Miles Devine from Raindrop

When In Rome (feat. ROMI!) (via592)
released October 2019

  1. When In Rome
  2. Gazpacho

“Working on this project with Conrad was a lifelong dream fulfilled. His passion and professionalism are unmatched and though a titan of his field, he remains deeply humble and down to earth. We have created something incredibly powerful and meaningful, and yet every moment of the process was a joy. I can’t wait for you to hear ‘When In Rome’.” – ROMI!, October 2019

1. by conrad and romi!
2. by conrad

Shimmering Twins (hac183)
released January 2017

“My (mostly) ambient album” – CG

Written, produced & played by Conrad Greenleaf.
Mixed by Nick Franklin.
“If you love relaxing on your beanbag in a dimly lit room listening to 70s krautrock, Tangerine Dream, Eno and the like…you need to own this LP! ” – fan

Modern Emotions (hac182)

released October 2015

“My second album but first with proper ‘songy’ songs. It was mostly done on cassette 4-track, but some little bits were done on computer.” – CG