duckegg is the home recording project of Tom Brown and a significant gear shift from the fuzzy guitars and driving hooks of his day-band, Rural France.

duckegg came into focus after Tom reclaimed an old four-track from the loft. After sticking an old TDK 90 in, he started recording a covers record (tentatively titled: Boxroom Bangers) that paid tribute to the bands whose CDs littered his 90’s childhood bedroom.

Inspired by the fragile, wobbly acoustics he captured on tape – in itself an indirect tribute to Elliot Smith – Tom abandoned the covers record to record nine kitchen-sink-folk originals that (including one from Half A Cow legends Smudge) make up the duckegg album.

The eleven songs on duckegg weaves together an old battered acoustic, harmonium and out-of-tune child’s keyboard to create a pastoral 21-minute ode to bad jobs (“Bad Hire”), forgetting anniversaries (“Fucked Up With The Flowers”) and failed gambling (“Broke Lads”). While lead single, “A Life Less Ordinary”, removes the buzzsaw guitars of Ash’s original to reveal a plaintive, searching melody.

“A Life Less Ordinary” was the first song he got down. It removes the buzzsaw guitars of Ash’s original and replaces them with fragile, crackling acoustics that reveal just how searching and melancholic Tim Wheeler’s melodies are.

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“Ugly, Just Like Me”


“A Life Less Ordinary”


duckegg  (hac240)