el Mopa

Back from the wilderness with a new line up, El Mopa arises more powerful than ever, with three voices leading the chorus: founder Simon Wooldridge, guitarist Matthew J Toohey (Kid Cornered) and bassist/producer Emma Hoy (The Bonettes, Bruce). Guests like Bree Van Reyk (Holly Throsby), Darren Hanlon and Penny McBride (the Cannanes) put them in good company. A long time in the making, and longer in the waiting, this is el Mopa’s musical values distilled to optimal 40 minute form. The third album from el Mopa has been described as Sydney soul, a description the band endorses. But it’s more than that – with touches of Akron / Animal Collective psych folk, mariachi intensity and roots-tinged rock.

(from 2009)


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The Metal Years


The Metal Years  (hac138)
Released October 2009

1. The Dead Certainty
2. Time Slides (When Yr’ Sleeping in)
3. What We’re Burning
4. I See A Strobe
5. 721
6. Missing The Rush
7. Riding Le Rein
8. Moving South
9. Dirty Old Town
10. Let It Run All Night
11. The Metal Years