Photograph by Lewis Hine (courtesy of the Avery Fine Arts Library, Columbia University, New York)


When the Hummingbirds dissolved at the end of 1993, Simon Holmes had a break for a year or so, and then formed a new band called Fragile. At the time, the original line-up that recorded the Airbrushed Perfection was seen more as a ‘supergroup’ than the new vehicle for Simon and his post-Hummingbirds songs.

With Wayne Connolly (himself in a similar situation as Simon: in between The Welcome Mat and Knievel) on guitar, the rhythm section from Sidewinder (Martin Craft on bass and Shane Melder on the drums) and Simon on lead vocals and guitar, the band were given star treatment from Half A Cow and recorded the album at Paradise Studios in Sydney.

Simon produced the album, which was recorded and mixed by Tom Blaxland (who had just made Sidewinder’s debut album Atlantis). Airbrushed Perfection was released in 1995, with a cd booklet that included a special tracing-paper cover, and given some marketing push by Half A Cow’s sugar-daddy Mercury Records. A promotional single was released to radio with three songs: “Dream Come True”, “Rosebud” and “Four and a Half Sticks”.

As Sidewinder were busy with their own career – ditto Wayne – Simon put together a new lineup of Fragile to play live. Andy Meehan, who joined on guitar, says of the time: “We went on to play together in Fragile for ten years, recording another album and three EPs together. We really didn’t do that many gigs and certainly passed under the radar for most but a few friends and hardened fans, but we all loved what we did with the band and wanted to keep playing and recording.” – from

Sadly, Simon Holmes passed away in July 2017.


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Airbrushed Perfection


Airbrushed Perfection (hac52)
released 1995

Shane Melder: drums
Martin Craft: bass
Wayne Connolly: guitar
Simon Holmes: guitar, vocal

With Trent Williamson: harp / Tom Blaxland: Hammond and percussion / David Orwell: harmony vocals and guitar / Geoff Lungren: Micromoog / Chef Tony: Hammond.

Recorded and mixed by Tom Blaxland. Produced by Simon Holmes. Recorded at Paradise Studios. Mixed at EMI Studio 301. All songs by S. Holmes except 5, 6, 8, 11, 14 by Fragile. Band photography by Sophie Howarth. Empire State Building photography by Lewis Hine (courtesy of the Avery Fine Arts Library, Columbia University, New York).