Modern Bombers

In October 2016, Adem Kerimofski (Turnstyle, Community Chest) invited Nic Dalton over to Perth to support his other band The Burton Cool Suit at a couple of shows. Rather than playing a solo set, Nic asked Adem to put together a rockin’ band and they’d play a selection of songs from Nic’s back pages. With Dave Wallace on the bass and Mark Eaton on drums, along with Adem on keys and guitar, Nic (on lead vocals and guitar) dubbed the band the Western Gloomees, and they played songs originally performed by the Plunderers, Godstar, Love Positions and Nic’s current acts, the Gloomchasers and Chewee.

They also performed a ‘new’ song called “Gotcha!” and Nic expressed interest in recording this song, plus a version of the Plunderers “Believe Me” with the Western Gloomees, with the idea of putting the finished product out as a single. Nic decided that the name Western Gloomees didn’t look quite right for the studio version of the band, which now also included E.M. Burrows on piano and, along with Dee Kerimofski, backing vocals.

Recorded by Adem K at The Future Ranch. Mixed by Al Smith at Bergerk. Mastered by Laurie Sinagra at Squarejaw.

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The Hotpoints/Modern Bombers split 7″

Gotcha! / Believe Me



The Hotpoints / Modern Bombers split 7″  (moo14)

A: The Hotpoints: Crosswires
B: Modern Bombers: Gotcha!

Originally released on Half A Cow Records, September 2017 (hac192d)

1. Gotcha!
2. Believe Me