The MoMos

The MoMos started with Drew and his Brother James making home recordings at their parent’s place in Baulkham Hills.

They played them to their friend Sarah who liked them so much she taught herself drums specifically to play those songs and get the band drumming.

James moved to China to be more noticed so then the Hayes boys pounced. They celebrated the new lineup with a budget hot air balloon ride which caught fire at 200 metres and landed in a chemical waste dump.

When they regained consciousness all their heads were on each others bodies and they went in to record their debut album No No No Not Like That.

The Momos – the brainchild of Drew Thomason – have been playing around Sydney for a few years.

Now, with a solidified lineup including Pat ‘Falling Joys’ Hayes and Justin ‘Whopping Big Naughty’ Hayes, they have recorded their debut album featuring Sarah Moore on the drums.

You could file the MoMos under ‘alternative rock’ but the band is too original, too mysterious and too weird to be left at that. Lead solos, prog riffs and beautiful harmonies abound on this special album.

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No No No Not Like That