The Orange Humble Band

Formed in early 1995, The Orange Humble Band is the brain child of Lime Spiders and Someloves founder Darryl Mather. The studio band released three albums: Assorted Creams in 1997, Humblin’ (Across America) in 2001 (both of these on Half A Cow) and Depressing Beauty in 2015 (on the Citadel label).

Along with Mather, mainstays of the band are Ken Stringfellow of US outfit the Posies, former Lonely Hearts member Anthony Bautovich and American producer Mitch Easter. From the first album there have been many talented musicians who have helped Mather realise his timeless and majestic brand of pop, starting with homegrown heroes Matt Galvin, Bill Gibson and Peter Kelly on Assorted Creams right through to bonafide musical legends such as Spooner Oldham, Jody Stephens and Jim Dickinson on the follow-up albums.

Assorted Creams unique sound arises from Mather’s creative synthesis of influences ranging from 60s and 70s pop and rock, bluegrass, country, folk and 50s barrelhouse Louisianan rhythm and blues. This combined with the vocals of Ken Stringfellow and Anthony Bautovich results in an eclectic brew some call powerpop. Others may be more descriptive and say it’s a rollicking yet majestic rock and roll experience highlighted by Mather’s melodious song writing and Easter’s glimmering and glazed presentation of the material.

The players on the follow up Humblin’ (Across America) reads like a pop fans’ dream band with a line-up including Spooner Oldham (Dan Penn, Aretha Franklin, Neil Young’s “Silver and Gold”), Jim Dickinson (producer of Rolling Stones, Alex Chilton) and Jody Stephens (Big Star drummer). There’s also co-producer/mixer Mitch Easter (twiddled the knobs for REM, Pavement), Jamie Hoover (bassplayer for The Spongetones), Anthony Bautovich and lead singer Ken Stringfellow.

Humblin’ was recorded at Ardent Studio in Memphis (home of the classic Big Star albums) which gave these pop songs their authentic ‘southern-soul’ sound. As Mather says, “To fulfill the concept of the album, we needed the integrity and input of the players who understand the Southern music idiom. There was no point going to record this type of record in Memphis if we couldn’t call upon the authentic great players of this region”.


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Assorted Creams  (hac67)
released 1997

Humblin’ (Across America)  (hac91)
released 2001